How will you know you are ready for the next chapter?
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"Find a quiet place and sit down. Make sure that your well-formed outcome is clear in your mind and that you have a specific time in the future when you know you want it. Bring a picture of it up. See what you see, hear what you hear and feel what you feel. Now make the picture really compelling."
Perhaps this is the time to take a look back. If you have been writing a journal you can look back to the time of discovery and notice what is different now. 

Maybe you’ll see things differently?
You may see a different person in the mirror.
You may notice that other people are smiling at you instead of looking concerned.
Things may look more organised and generally brighter and more cheerful.
You may see attractive people around you.
The future will look brighter.
There will be more positive entries in your journal.
Possibly you will hear different things.
You will be hearing what people say to you and notice opportunities.
People who are close to you will sound cheerful.
There will be less upset and negativity in your voice.
You might feel very different.
You may feel much calmer and more determined to move on.
The self doubt will be gone.
You will have gained confidence that actually you are OK and will also know that if you have off days that’s fine.
What are you saying to yourself?
Perhaps it will be “I’m OK.”
“I’m excited about the future.”
“I’m glad I’ve made a decision.”
“I’ve let everything from the past go.”
Have a think.
If you score yourself out of 10 where 1 is "I'm in a mess" and 10 is "I’m ready to move on and enjoy the rest of my life" where are you?
What is your reflection on your score?
Is there anything else you need to do to move on to the next chapter? Write a list of the actions that you need to take now.
Action Resources you need When will you have achieved it? Has it been done Y/N




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So are you feeling excited that you can choose what happens in the next chapter? Or are you feeling overwhelmed or sad? There are many emotions that will appear and have been appearing through this phase of your life.

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I think a real victim is someone who feels like a victim. What is done to you and how you respond to what is done to you are two different things.




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