Dr. Bridget Kirsop
My name is Dr Bridget and I’m an ex General Practitioner (Medical Doctor). I’m also a Coach and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). This means that I have lots of skills that support people in their journey from being challenged and suffering  to being happy and enjoying their ONE LIFE. 
I decided to retrain to become a coach and trainer because I had benefited so much from having an NLP coach myself and, as a result, I became able to create a positive mindset for myself and also help others to get the same.  I felt as though it was really important for me to contribute to Women Scorned as I know that we can decide to move on and be in a different place if that’s what we want. 
I have several ways of working with you. You can read my articles on this web site, you can sign up to my Top Prescriptions for “Reaching Your Full Potential” on my web site or you can pick up the phone and let me know what you need. I work with people over 8 sessions, or intensively over 2 days if you are really stuck. The other option is that I can I talk to you for an hour to help you to get into a more positive state of mind. I talk to people on Skype, on the phone, or people come to my office if necessary.
I know that it would be great for you if you could move on, make decisions and feel as though you are living your life to the full, so have a think, ask yourself if you need some external help and then pick up the phone and let’s talk. 
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The Acceptance
Crossing the threshold...read more
So, here you are in this place of acceptance.  I’m guessing that this is a more comfortable place than when you were in the “Discovery” place? Is that right?...

Gathering assistance...read more
You may have noticed, when you read fairy tales or listen to stories of people’s lives, that it is useful to gain helpers if you are undertaking a challenge...

Making decisions...read more
There are two ways that I personally approach decision-making. 
One of which is to just decide and then see how it feels. This can be useful when you are in the situation of being damned...
What is acceptance to you?...read more
As I was writing this article, I was thinking to myself “what is acceptance?” and “is it different for everybody?” And I found lots of different definitions...
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"I have joined the Women Scorned team in order to help people on their journey towards reaching their full potential and create a world where they are happy and fulfilled."

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