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"Now is the time to look at yourself from a gathering assistance point of view in order to be healthy."
You may have noticed, when you read fairy tales or listen to stories of people’s lives, that it is useful to gain helpers if you are undertaking a challenge. You may feel as though being in a place of acceptance is feeling OK at the moment and it may well be. However, it is possible that you may think about looking into the future and the Next Chapter of your life. It may feel a bit daunting. So, have a think about whether it would be useful to you to gather further assistance at this point in time so that you can use that assistance as and when it would be useful to you. 
Why do we need assistance?
1. To be nurtured.
2. To grow. 
3. To learn.
4. To be safe.
5. To feel secure.
6. To be happy.
7. To have health.
I’m just thinking that it may be a useful exercise for you to undertake to make sure that you have all of these needs for assistance covered. 
If we are nurtured we have space and support to grow rather than thinking of ourselves as failures. After all, there is no such thing as failure only a combination of things from the past that makes us think that. This is a huge opportunity to learn about you, to reflect on what has happened and to grow. The people that keep us safe and secure include our self, our health care professionals, our legal support, our social services and many others. The links on this site to many of these can form part of your list. 
Happiness is an emotion and there are many things that can increase this emotion. It may be useful to do a bit of research on what is happiness. 
Health may be something to explore because in the time of discovery you may have forgotten to look after yourself. Maybe you didn’t eat much or maybe comfort ate. Maybe you didn’t sleep or maybe you didn’t get any exercise thinking “what’s the point?”
Well now is the time to look at yourself from a gathering assistance point of view in order to be healthy.

How will you know you are ready for the next chapter? more
Perhaps this is the time to take a look back. If you have been writing a journal you can look back to the time of discovery and notice what is different now.

Assessing where you are more
So are you feeling excited that you can choose what happens in the next chapter? Or are you feeling overwhelmed or sad? There are many emotions that will appear and have been appearing through this phase of your life.



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