Time to move on. Whether that be with or without your partner. You’ve been through a lot , particularly emotionally, but these emotions by now will seem less intrusive into your thoughts. You’ll feel more in control and this is now the time for you to look to the future and to move on in a positive direction with your life. Look upon this phase in your life as an opportunity, a time to plan your future and make changes, to take your life in a direction of your choosing.

"This is your fresh start - so join us and open your eyes to a great future!"

You and your partner may have agreed to stay together and put the past behind you . It may have been a decision based on not just the two of you but there may also be children involved so a lot of thought and talk will have taken place. Maybe you’ve both decided that you want to stay together, but there are still some issues you both need to sort out. In this case then seeking a relationship counsellor is a good way forward.  This will give you both the chance to resolve any issues that are left so you can make a fresh and positive start together.  Whatever you do, don’t let things just remain the same.  Remember something in the 'same' way was what contributed to the relationship entering the problematic phase in the first place. 
You may have both decided to go your own separate ways or just one of you may have decided the relationship is over. This too will have taken you on a rollercoaster of an emotional journey, but now is the time to look forward. Find the positives to come out of this situation, and to decide how you can best utilise those positives, to rebuild your life and make a bigger, brighter and better future for yourself .  

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