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"I felt a bit spaced out and I did feel different that day. I kept an open mind and told myself if it didn’t work I’d just have to go for the real thing. But even eating that day I felt like something had happened physically."

Frank Dobson
I have tried most diets over the years but they only work for so long. Then you start to want for the things that "I should not have and like so much"

Well, no more! You have done such a great job with my Hypno-Band I have sent you my before and after photographs taken only eight  months after my band was fitted.

Malcolm I am delighted to be at my target weight.  I have lost 7 stone 8lbs. Let's hope this will encourage more big men to experience The Hypno-Band. I am delighted to be slimmer, fitter and even  more active in my retirement. Thanks again Malcolm
Kevin Barr
The Hypno-Band helped Kevin Barr lose 10st by making him believe he had undergone gastric surgery 

Kevin Barr was 24 stone and had struggled all his life to fight the flab. But now he’s lost more than 10 stone after he was hypnotised into thinking he’d had gastric band surgery.

Council worker Kevin, 30, from Kilwinning, Ayrshire, who also works for the Scottish SPCA, could eat a whole 24 multipack of crisps in a day and work his way through a whole loaf, eating jam, meat or cheese sandwiches before a big dinner which was often a ready meal or pizza.
During his treatment the smells and sounds of an operating theatre were even used to hypnotise him into believing he was undergoing weight loss surgery. Growing up he was always a big child and admits he ate far too much. “I was never really teased but I was always the biggest in class and couldn’t join in sports,” he explained.
When he hit 24 stone he considered having a gastric band fitted – but then he heard about a virtual version on Lorraine Kelly’s TV show and decided to give it a go. He went to see hypnotherapist Chris Crane from Mind and Body Works in Stewarton, Ayrshire last August.
He used the £345 Hypno-Band System – a mixture of hypnotherapy and cognitive behaviour therapy to change Kevin’s eating habits and make him feel like he’d had a gastric band fitted.
Sue Wild
"I have tried every diet known to man from Weight Watchers to the cabbage diet, and yes, I would lose weight but then I would put it back on and then some." 

After a lot for research about the gastric band surgery I could not afford thousands of pounds for this operation. I contacted Malcolm and after a long chat on the telephone about The Hypno-Band Weight Loss System I arranged a meeting with him. I did have an underlining 25 year grief issue that he kindly dealt with. After that session I felt on top of the world and that made me believe that The Hypno-Band would work for me. I had The Hypno-Band fitted on the 16th June 2010. My weight was 21st 7lbs (138.3kgs) and my blood pressure was through the roof at 210/190 and a BMI of 43.
After 7 months to date I have lost 7st 8lbs (50kgs). I only have 2st 7lbs (18kgs) to lose to get to the weight I want to be.
"It's now been 12 months since I had The Hypno-Band fitted and I am now at my ideal weight of 11st 3Ibs (66.67kg). I'm so happy and all my friends and family find it unbelievable".
Sue's Hypno-Band Practitioner is Malcolm Dobson of Tenerife Hypnotherapy.




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