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 Gardening Q & A's
 Gardening Q & A's
 Gardening Q & A's
 Gardening Q & A's
The gardening world's dynamic duo The Benton Brothers have just exploded onto our TV screens on ITV's This Morning bringing their own unique style of green fingered talent, knowledge and expertise to transform the viewers' gardens. 
They are now here every month exclusively for all you Ladies as Women Scorned's resident gardening experts. 
They'll hold your hand and walk you through all the seasons of the year with their hot tips and techniques for your plants, flowers, shrubs and vegetables.
So if you don't know your aspidistras from your elbow don't worry because The Benton Brothers are your very own knights in shining gardening gloves right here at Women Scorned just for you.
The twins from Maidstone are approved by The Gardeners' Guild and will answer any of your gardening queries from Asters through to Zinnias. Just email them at
Your Gardening Questions & Answers 
Q. I’ve seen the most gorgeous shrub purely by chance on the internet. It’s a rare sub-shrub called Moltkia Suffruticosa and is usually grown in rock gardens.  I’d dearly love to get hold of one but need your help as I’m drawing a blank.

A. This lovely blue alpine rockery plant is one of our faves in the rockery and does well with ‘Forget-me-not’s’. A good plant nursery should stock these if not we’re sure they should order one in for you. Good Luck x

Q.  Throughout the year I am besieged by worms and maggots eating my beloved begonia tubers. How can I stop this?

A. Take the tubers out of the ground, save them and replant in a few months. Then plant in sandy soil. This can prevent them worms and maggots getting a nibble! Hope this helps x
Q. My Cyclamen leaves are going yellow and I don’t know why. Someone suggested it may be too much water or too little. What do you think?

A.  Charlie’s Tip of the Month: use an old lolly stick as your Dip Stick and check the dampness of soil. Let it draw water up from a saucer and let it get some fresh air too. Take the old yellow leaves off and let it produce new green leaves. 
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