What drives you to make the divorce decision?
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What kind of divorce do you want?
What drives you to make the divorce decision?
Sometimes it all becomes too much. You've gone through the suspicion, the pain, the heartache, the confirmation… and just when you feel you're on a level playing field common sense kicks in - or does it?
At this point the only way out and the only way forward and the only way that feels sensible is to take what you may think to be one of the hardest decisions you'll ever make in your life and file for divorce.
Each and every one of you will have your own tipping point and feel you need to act immediately. But take some time out, have a browse round our site and see if this is a knee-jerk reaction or not.
If in any doubt or if you have any questions come and talk to Denise Robertson, Gayle Vaatstra, Marilyn Stowe, Dr. Bridget or any of the other experts on Women Scorned. 

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