Looking for a new and rewarding career in fashion?
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 Looking for a new and rewarding career in fashion?
In 2008 Nicky set up the leading NHJ Style Academy where Nicky and her team run training courses on personal styling. 
On the popular flagship course you will learn how to style women, as well as set up your own business, in a 5 day intensive classroom based course in London, followed by 2 days of work experience. An internship with the NHJ Style Consultancy is also rewarded to one or more students after each course.
The 3 day menswear styling course shows you how to style men using male models.
Most recently Nicky launched a Personal Styling Correspondence Course where you can train to be a personal stylist from home and in your own time – fitting in with your other commitments but at the same time giving you a new interest learning a skill that will boost your own self-esteem and confidence and which can be used to set up your own business to help others.
Find out more about the Personal Styling Courses. Now is the time to invest in you!



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