Hi I’m Jess, the resident Make-up Artist for Women Scorned. For you to get to know me better I’m going to tell you about my background and how I’ve got to where I am today.
After studying very hard through my schooling years I gained a place at Swansea University to take Criminology and Criminal Justice. However, I was desperate to pursue my dream and take the complete opposite route that I knew was going to make me happy. This is where I decided to take the creative road rather than the academic.

"I always had this idea - well more of a dream -  that I would create my own make-up range. I was fed up of spending so much money on cosmetics, paying silly prices to make myself look and feel amazing" Straight away  I went to London and completed an intense make-up artist course in which I gained" my diploma. I now attend day courses to update my skills and knowledge and this helps me be at the top of my game. This is when I began my search and started contacting and sampling make-up from suppliers all over the U.S. I had been doing this for about two and a half years until I found the most amazing quality make-up; I knew I had to call it mine! 

A lot of people ask how I got the name Amorio…it’s quite simple. My boyfriend kept moaning, and still does, that all I do is play with make-up and don’t give him any attention. He said I was basically having an affair with make-up! So, Amorio directly means love affair in Italian. Why Italian? Because it’s the language of ‘love’.

Amorio Cosmetics is largely mineral-based and you would not believe the quality and pigmentation of the make-up. This incredible new makeup range is kind to all skin types, gives full coverage and also stays fresh all day long. 
I am now at the stage in my life where all I do is smile. I have everything I have ever wanted and dreamed about. Although I always knew I wanted to go down this route I never thought such amazing things would happen for me.
I absolutely love what I do. From weddings, fashion shows, Miss Wales' events, airbrushing and special occasion make-up I am always in my element. I always keep up with the latest trends, colours and styles. I know what looks good and what could be better and this is all reflected through Amorio products. 
Go on Ladies give it a go. Once you’ve tried Amorio there will be no going back! 
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