My name is Jeannie Hainsworth Lamb.  I am 54 and have 26 years experience as a Financial Services professional.
In that capacity I have worked for many different types of clients all of whom have one thing in common, whatever their means, and that is to be financially independent.
I have run a national networking group to help women understand and appreciate their importance in the commercial world and to give them a forum for marketing their businesses; worked for the Ministry of Defence and a Government Minister and represented the British Council abroad.
I have worked as a radio journalist for the BBC as their Financial Specialist.
I have an Honours Degree, Post Graduate Teaching Certificate and degree level qualifications in a number of financial areas such as Pensions, Investments, Taxation and Trusts.
My hobbies include being an apiarist (I run a number of hives on a local farm to help pollinate crops and for the wonderful honey and wax that is produced) and being a keen florist, cake decorator and quilter.  I love theatre and have been in many productions over the years at an amateur level.
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