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Hey Girlies! This is a section where I need your help. So don't be shy and come forth with any hot tips you'd like to share with everyone. The subject can be regarding beauty, health, food, lifestyle, make-up, anti-ageing tips, exercise… you decide. They can be as random as you like as long as they are tried and tested successfully.
Rosie, Dublin.
Sleep in socks filled with moisturiser for soft feet. 
Gaynor, Michigan.
Keep all your essential oils refrigerated and they’ll last loads longer. And remember to keep them in a sealed container in the fridge to prevent any aromas interfering with food. 
Jeanette, London
For silky smooth legs I spread hair conditioner all over them and then shave. Works every time.

Simone, Liverpool
I suffer with dry hair and my Nan told me that if I apply olive oil to my hair and wrap it in a towel for an hour then wash my hair as normal it would help. I've done it twice now and it's made a heck of a difference.

Amber, Falkirk. 
If you want to keep your bananas yellow for longer just wrap the stems in clingfilm. Hey presto!
Laura, Cornwall. 
For cold sores: lemon balm will heal them in 2-4 days. Just be sure to use a fresh cotton bud per application.
Jocelyn, Skegness. 
All you big-boobed babes take note. If you suffer with a sweat rash underneath your boobs, which can be quite sore, use Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream. It's for nappy rash, etc but works a treat in that area too!
Andrea, Guildford. 
If you have a scar/mark on your face left by a spot you (naughtily) squeezed just get a cod liver oil capsule and open it up. Apply the oil onto the mark before bedtime and the mark disappears after a few nights of application. Works for me!
Sandra, Cwmbran. 
Just come back from an overseas holiday so I know first hand the my tip really will help. If bitten by a mosquito rub bicarbonate of soda onto the bite. Normally when I'm bitten I react really badly and the bite gets swollen and hurts. The bicarbonate of soda stopped that happening and took the itch away too.
Told you it was random! Keep 'em coming to heading your emails Suzi's Smorgasbord of Hot Tips xx




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