Born and raised in Scotland, Sandra McClumpha has gone on to become one of Britain’s most pioneering and successful business women.
Her inspirational ability to successfully balance her thriving business whilst single-handily bringing up her two young children, Sandra has proved to women all over the country that they can achieve their dreams and have it all!
Upon leaving school Sandra embarked upon a journey to fulfil her dream of working in the hair and beauty industry. At the age of just sixteen, Sandra became the apprentice to Ian Carmichael who was the personal hairdresser to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.
With this formidable training, Sandra continued in hairdressing until the age of twenty two when she decided to broaden her horizons by moving to London. It was during her time in London that Sandra became aware of the increasing number of tanning salons opening to cope with the growing demand for a healthy bronze look.
When Sandra returned to Scotland she decided to combine her skills and knowledge of the beauty industry and took the giant step to open her own salon specialising in beauty, tanning and nails.
The danger of using sunbeds has long been in the public eye and, through a family cancer scare, Sandra realised that self-tanning treatments were becoming more recognised and essential to natural health. However in 2001, the market had a very limited choice of good products. So through the Internet, the hunt was on to find the best sunless tanning product available. The research led to the USA and to a small known brand Fake Bake...
Now a mother of two small children, Sandra McClumpha contacted and persuaded ‘The Americans’ to sell her the license and distribute Fake Bake throughout Europe and the UK.
From that day Sandra has taken on hands-on role personally overseeing every aspect of her budding company. ‘I wouldn’t have changed a thing but I must admit it was gruelling running a business and bringing up two young children on my own. I would work late into the night so as not to miss out on time with my children,’ Sandra admitted upon being congratulated on her entrepreneurial achievements in 2007 (Sunday Times Business).
The company has grown beyond recognition from Sandra working alone in her bedroom. Fake Bake now boasts multi-million global turnover.
Fake Bake has countless accolades to its name including “Rolls Royce in self tanning” - GMTV and was voted Salon Tan of the Year by Harpers Bazaar. 
Sandra’s crowning glory was to win “Natwest’s EveryWoman of the Year Award” for entrepreneurial success leading to a personal invitation from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth to come to the Palace to celebrate Britain’s most successful women.
Sandra remains as hands-on, focused and passionate about developing the business into the number one tanning brand across the world.
Thanks to Sandra’s vision and strong determination Fake Bake is available in thousands of salons around the country and prestigious retail stores. The rapid growth and continued demand for Fake Bake is one of the aspects Sandra is most proud of. 
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“I am delighted to be involved with Women Scorned and look forward to working directly with them to offer additional support and comfort for women all over the country during their time of need.”
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