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So why Women Scorned? 
Why and what has driven me to build and launch this unique website?
I’ve been married twice. My first marriage is now a very distant memory but what little I do remember is 18 months of a huge learning curve that I blame for my stubbornness and determination, and quite frankly bloody-mindedness, on frequent occasions!
My second marriage has, by the skin of its teeth, turning a blind eye, forgiving and with a lot of soul-searching on my part, managed somehow to last to its 21st year.
A feisty Capricorn and with a temper to match, if anyone had asked me the question “what would you do if you found out your husband was having an affair?” my gut reaction would have been to reply “kill him and her, leave him…take him for everything, never see the bastard again” but this is as far from the truth as it gets.
The truth turned out to be a slow and painful process of me wallowing in self-hate wondering why? Then I thought it was me……then I grew strong and realised actually it was his shortfalls that were the problem. I learnt that what had happened to me was a process of mourning. You can mourn once maybe twice but the third time became harsh.
So while I was battling my own demons, and his, within the group of my ten closest friend’s things were going pear-shaped to say the least. As it stands between 2010 and 2013 only two have any sort of marriage left. A mixture of midlife crises, unbridled fetishes and secret romances that had gone on for years and were now being realised were at the heart of a complete revamp of the couples that I knew and cared for.
So why Women Scorned? The common denominator for us all was FRIENDSHIP, being able to offload, laugh, cry and talk. At two o’clock in the morning when I wanted to find his “secret” phone it was a wonderful friend who secretly picked me up while he was sleeping and helped me get into his lock-up to find his “secret” phone on charge….it was a dear friend of mine that I sat with for days making sense of her finances that made her smile again….it was a close friend who told me to sort myself out and take pride in my appearance and helped show me what a colour and cut could do for me. It was the simple meeting for coffee and calling all the husbands that were and had been all the names under the sun. 
Laughing and crying about our situations gave us the strength to get where we are today. Some are divorced, some are trying to make a go of their marriages on new terms and some are just going through the motions… BUT we always have a fabulous network of friends to rally round us if it all gets too much.
Women Scorned IS that network. To share, help, support and let off steam with a side order of professional wisdom and a very human touch. I hope you enjoy using the website as much as I and my wonderful Team have enjoyed building it. 
Best regards and wishes to you all, The Founder of Women Scorned 
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