The wonders of water (part one)
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 The wonders of water
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Whenever the weather is warm you quite possibly drink more water than normal but we need to be doing that all the year round not just May - September - I know, I know, water is boring but it is so essential for our bodies to be able to function properly aswell as making us look good and lose weight. Ah! Now I’ve got your attention! Yes, that’s right water makes us look good and lose weight.

How so? Well, as far as making us look good goes the last organ in the body that water hydrates is the skin because skin doesn’t need water to survive but our other organs do so skin is your body’s last priority. Therefore, we need to be drinking enough per day for it to hydrate all our organs and end up also hydrating the skin.

"Water plumps out the skin and acts as an internal moisturiser. I can always spot dehydrated skin. It doesn’t have a healthy colour and is lined and creped, sometimes prematurely."

To give your facial skin a good pallor and beat the wrinkles you need to drink enough water every day. Remember 75% of all wrinkles are caused by sun exposure and dehydration. Drink the water at room temperature that way it’s absorbed quicker as the temperature is similar to your body’s. If the likes of tea or coffee are added to water it goes through the digestive track and takes longer to reach the vital organs that need hydrating than just pure water does.

As for water being a diet aid it can actually help you shift at least 5% of your body weight. Some hunger pangs are actually signs of dehydration not hunger so by reaching for a glass of water instead of food those pangs will subside. Don’t reach for a lemonade or beer – reach for your water instead. Plus, if you sip it between mouthfuls of food it can actually make you feel more full than usual and cause you to eat less.

Now for the science: two thirds of the body is made up of water and we usually lose 2.8 litres in 24 hours so it’s vital that we replace this so we can function sufficiently.

"We usually consume on average 1 litre of water through food and lose 300mls through metabolising our food so that leaves a shortfall of around 1.5 litres (6-8 glasses)."

So if you’re exercising you need to be drinking a minimum of 1.5 litres per day. The best way to check you’re drinking enough water is the colour of your urine – it should be a pale straw colour. Any darker and you’re dehydrated. Bottoms up everyone!

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