Stowe Family Law is the UK’s largest specialist family law firm with offices in Harrogate, Leeds, Greater Manchester and London.
Founded in 1982, the firm grew from humble beginnings in a converted cobbler’s shop in Halton, East Leeds. Today, the 50-strong team includes a dedicated children’s department, an international family law department and solicitors, legal professionals and administrative staff who have all been chosen for their expertise, experience and commitment to the practice and development of family law.
Because every case is different and because family law is a fast-moving field our fee earners specialise within distinct areas. We will be pleased to advise you which of Stowe Family Law’s solicitors are best matched to the specific needs and requirements of your case. Meet our team.
"Unusually for a family law firm, we also have in-house forensic accountants. This means that when clients come to see us for the first time we can provide immediate advice about the likely scale and nature of a case. Our forensic accountants can also provide advice about the likely value of a client’s business for the purpose of a divorce.  Their services are in demand and have been featured in the Financial Times"

Our senior partner Marilyn Stowe has been described by The Times as “one of the most formidable and sought-after divorce lawyers in the UK”, and by The Daily Telegraph as “a force of nature”. With more than 30 years’ experience handing divorce cases and family law proceedings her particular speciality is conducting investigations in cases where substantial assets are in dispute. Her award-winning blog, the Marilyn Stowe Family Law & Divorce Blog, is ranked as one of the country’s top law blogs and has gathered a following of loyal readers from around the world. Marilyn Stowe also blogs about family law for The Times as one of the six top-name lawyers who together are known as The Experts.
Clients tell us that although they may have chosen our firm because of our well-known name and successful track record, or because of personal recommendations, what also sets us apart from other family law teams is our ethos.
We understand how difficult any problem arising within a family can be. Emotions and passions are often at fever pitch, the stress levels are high and going through family breakdown people may contemplate behaviour that in other circumstances would never be entertained. Children may be unwitting pawns, monies can become shrouded in mystery, debts may arise and depression may occur. We know this, we understand and we care.
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"Marilyn appears frequently on live television, broadcast worldwide for the BBC and Sky TV, and is the resident legal expert on ITV’s This Morning."


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