Book Review: Some Day I'll Find You by Richard Madeley 
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"A captivating love story with intrigue and betrayal at its core, this is the enthralling debut novel from broadcaster, journalist and Book Club champion."
Paperback Original £7.99
James Blackwell is sexy and handsome and a fighter pilot - every girl's dream partner.

At least that is what Diana Arnold thinks when her brother first introduces them. Before long they are in love and marry hastily just
as war is declared.
Then fate delivers what is the first of its cruel twists on the day of their wedding. James, the day of their wedding, is shot down over Northern France and killed. Diana is left not only a widow but pregnant with their child.
Ten years later, contentedly remarried, Diana finds herself in the south of France, sitting one morning in a sunny village square.

A taxi draws up and she hears the voice of a man speaking English - the unmistakable voice of someone who will set out to torment her and blackmail her and from whom there can be only one means of escape...

Richard Madeley is best known as presenter, with his wife Judy Finnigan, of the enormously successful Richard & Judy television show which ran on Channel 4 for seven years. He and Judy have four children and live in London, France and Cornwall. In 2008 he published his bestselling and much praised memoir, Fathers & Sons. Some Day I’ll Find You is his debut novel.
The biggest selling debut fiction paperback of the year in three days! 
"Immaculate storytelling, pacey and beautifully written" Sadie Jones

"Gosh, the man can write" Daily Mail






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