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"Life is very short and you don’t want to be the person that says “I wish I had tried that” or “why didn’t I do that?” Take the first step and learn something new."
Did you know that there is a Welsh speaking community in Patagonia?  There you are! You’ve  learned something new! 
So you think you are too old to learn something new? 
The reality is, you are NEVER too old ! Lifelong learning means just that, from birth to death. Think about what we do on a daily basis. I bet you have learned something new, whether it be a new fact or a skill: that’s learning. 
One of the oldest learners I worked with was 65. She worked part-time helping people with job skills and wanted to have a qualification to help her understand the necessary skills required within the sector. So she embarked on a Level 4 Advice & Guidance NVQ.  This was no walk in the park but she thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of getting her brain working and putting her experiences onto paper.   She gained the qualification in under a year and was still working with the same organisation when completed. 
Personally, I admired her dedication and the effort she put in to developing the portfolio, the case studies she produced and her overall determination to learn. 
The moral of this experience taught me that no matter what age, or time in your life, if you want to do something you can.  There is only one thing stopping you and that’s YOU. 
Now, take a few moments and think what can I learn? What could I do?  It does not need to be too taxing. Dip your toe in the water and take a cooking class, join Zumba or join a book club.  It’s not only fun, you will learn and you get to meet new people.
So, where do you start? Look at local community centres and see what free classes are on at the library or the local college. There is bound to be something of interest. Perhaps you could ask a friend to come along too? 




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