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 Gardening Q & A's
 Gardening Q & A's
 Gardening Q & A's
 Gardening Q & A's
Your Gardening Questions & Answers 
Q. I've just moved house and have inherited a quite large garden but I just don't know where to start with it. All I know is I want it to be pretty for next spring onwards. When's the best time to plant the bulbs and which are the best ones to buy?

A. Not to worry. A huge garden can seem daunting sometimes. It's best we get on top of it instead of it getting on top of us...

There are many bulbs to choose from. It's best you sow them off in a pot first then you know where they are as bulbs are often forgotten about until they suddenly appear. No one can beat the Daffodil, the sign of spring. Tulips are a good choice too and both are low maintenance.
TIP : Don't forget many bulbs come back the following year, often with more flowers, so invest well!
Q. My roses in my front garden have greenfly. I have two dogs and a cat so what natural pesticides can I use to get rid of them?

A. This is a common garden problem! What I have done from previous experience is use a spray bottle filled with soapy water, give the rose a good drench and then water wash the plants afterwards. This helps to remove any aphids, (Greenfly, Blackfly and spit bugs) preventing them from eating away at your beautiful roses!
Q. I've decided to help my small food budget by growing my own veg. When is the best time to plant all the different vegetables ready for spring? Any tips about how to get the best out of my vegetable patch?

A. Like your thinking! Can’t beat home grown fruit & veg. Cheaper & tastes amazing! If you want fruit and veg ready for the spring we would suggest start sowing in autumn/winter. Get yourself a small greenhouse if you can or failing that a cold frame will do. A good tip would be to start off indoors with some seed trays for over winter growing, protecting the plants from the harsh winters. 
We suggest that you blend lots of veg plants alongside fruit plants and try to throw in a few flowers inbetween as this will help pollination!  
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