I've been described as enthusiastic, high energy, inspirational and fun by my clients. Going by the title Personal Branding and Marketing Consultant I have years of experience to get to the core of you, helping to shine a light and get you more of the results that you want and need. As a writer, author and book coach my desire is to help you create a blog or book which demonstrates your personal brand, expertise and credibility in a way that no other ‘tool’ can.
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"I adore people and seeing people discover their aha moments, finding that hidden voice and being able to step up and show up just as they are."

I believe that anyone can change their world with just a pen. Although seemingly simplistic, writing has a way to reach inside the heart of a person and their business like nothing else can. When words are written clarity, direction and results arrive. To know yourself on the inside helps you to find your voice and when you find your voice you can shout out about you in a way that speaks to others' hearts. This is what I do best.
The Discovery
Starting to journal..read more
Journaling is an intensely personal experience where spewing onto paper, like the Sat night expunging of too much beer and curry, is to be welcomed...
The journey...read more
Wherever you find yourself right at this moment, stop, don’t question it, just wonder how did I get here? What were the twists and turns of fate that bought me to this point?

Your 27 Day Challenge...read more
Dear journal, about six years ago I treated myself to a lovely week's-long holiday and course called Starting to Write and fired with enthusiasm...

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There is a date in the calendar called Valentine's Day.  It is very possibly a date that you no longer care to think about. It may bring back memories...
And the music played on...read more
Are there songs which keep swirling around your head? Something that starts and won't go away? Or something that you keep playing?
I adore people and seeing people discover their aha moments, finding that hidden voice and being able to step up and show up just as they are.
It was only when I started to work for myself  that I felt I fitted in. I thrive on variety and challenge. My quick-thinking mind allows me to find solutions in an innovative and original way. I am adaptable, friendly, highly self motivated, flamboyant and original. As a teacher, I want to pass on what I know to you so that you are empowered to be the best you that you can.  Hugs are also available!
Jacqui x


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