Quilting for relaxation
I started quilting about 20 years ago although I’ve played around with fabric for a lot longer.
I love it as a form of relaxation.  To watch odd scraps of fabric come to life when arranged together is immensely gratifying and, of course, the end result is a practical and usable product.

There is relaxation in repetition and, above all, the creativity in working with fabric and colour adds another dimension to my life.
But, expect it to take over and become an obsession with the fear that if you don’t buy the fabric you’ve seen now it will be gone when you go back for it!
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Furthermore, I’ve never met a horrible quilter and I belong to a number of groups that meet regularly and chat (gossip).  You can make lifelong friends in this way and I look forward to these meetings. We have a great deal of fun and we all learn from each other every time we meet.



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