What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?
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And how can it help you to overcome the pain of relationships going wrong and also enable you to find fulfilment in strong relationships in the future?

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"When we have filtered the information that comes in to our brain we end up with what we call our “reality”. If you think about the filters described above everyone will end up with a different “reality” and it is this that often gives us challenges in our relationships. I’ve spent a large amount of time thinking that I am “right” when the reality is that I have just filtered the information in a different way."

Having been a GP for 25 years and seen the power of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to change people’s mindset, my mission and purpose in life is to work with people to give them a prescription to change their lives. So I thought that I’d let you know about the principles that underpin NLP so that you can decide whether working with someone like myself appeals to you for working through your challenges and getting results very quickly.
What is NLP?
NLP is how we use our mind's own language to consistently achieve what we want. So this means that it’s a key tool for overcoming pain and getting the confidence to develop strong relationships and get the most out of your life. 
Here’s a short explanation of how we use our mind to help you understand how things can easily and quickly change.
We have so much information coming into our brain through our eyes, ears and sense of touch that we cannot possibly deal with it and continue to function. In fact, it is estimated to be over 2 million bits of information per second and I guess you can understand this as you look around at all you can see and hear and touch. However, the reality is that we can only deal with 5-9 bits per second (a very small amount in comparison) and, therefore, we need to filter the information in order to be able to function effectively. We are generally not aware of these filters only the results that we get from using them. The filters of what we use include the following:
- Our memories and the positive and negative emotions that are attached to them
- The values, or what is important to us, that we have grown up with and have got from our peers, our parents and our teachers 
- Our beliefs about our self and other people which we hold true and can be useful or not useful
- The decisions that we make about ourself and others as we journey through life
- The language that we use when we talk to people
- A series of other programmes 
Who do I work with?
I work with people who are:
Totally committed to getting different results
Keen to overcome challenges in their relationships and move on
Want to get excellent results for current or future relationships
Results that you will get
Gaining a greater understanding and perspective of how you got where you are today
Understanding of how we get our reality by thinking about our memories, experiences, how we’ve been brought up and what we believe about ourself and other people. This often gives us light bulb moments as we realise how our reality has been formed. It also enables us to realise why we have pain or lack of confidence.

Getting to know yourself 
Once you have understood that you have a certain “reality” you can find out more about yourself by finding out what these mainly unconscious values, beliefs are. This will enable you to make sure that you use this knowledge throughout your life. This is an amazingly powerful process and changes people’s lives once they realise who they are and how they function. There are many exercises that you can carry out in order to get to know yourself and create a confident and fulfilled you.
Getting rid of negative emotions from the past
Noticing that you have memories from the past and previous relationships that were negative for you is of key importance. We often think that the same thing is going to happen and, just by expecting it, it does. It colours your view of your present and future relationships. The main negative emotions are Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt and I know that most people can find these in their life especially in a time of stress. I use tools to help you get rid of your negative emotions in about 3 hours so that you can move forward. Beliefs that aren’t useful and limiting decisions that stop us from moving forward can also be changed very quickly. 
Realisation that we are all different
You are unique and important. Realising that you may have a view of relationships that are your own, rather than the other person’s, is very important in order to be able to progress in or out of a relationship. Often, as you think about how other people have been filtering their information you can realise that it is different to ours. And that’s OK. 
Find out about how the other person in the relationship “works”
This means that you can make a decision whether to stay in the relationship or put all of your effort into making it fulfilling.
Finding out each other’s beliefs, values and the other filters that you may or may not have in common is a light bulb moment for most relationships.
Make rapid strides to being happy and making decisions that you are happy with
The interventions that make the difference can take place over a very short time. One to two days for an individual and two to three days for a couple is a typical length of time. Follow- up sessions are available to make sure that the changes are sustained. 
How can you get these results for yourself?
My contact details are at the bottom of the page and on my website and all you have to do is think about whether you want to create a change and then  pick up the 'phone and either speak to me or leave me a message - I will call back as soon as I can.
What if you did pick up the 'phone?
Working with Dr. Bridget, either on your own or with a significant other, is very empowering and will enable you to have a mindset that is positive for the present and for the future. You will be able to find and develop strong relationships for the future. And it will have an amazing effect on the rest of your life!! 
I look forward to speaking to you soon!




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