Welcome to our website, Women Scorned, where those of you who have experienced infidelity in your relationship will find help and support from our dedicated Women Scorned Team who run everything behind the scenes for you. 
Whether you have decided to remain in the relationship, leave or have been left we want you to find comfort, hope and laughter within the site’s many pages and so have brought together the crème de la crème of celebrity and non-celebrity experts who form a wonderful bank of experience and knowledge for you all.
LOG ON: Find some company. Explore the Forum sections and interact with others who are going through the same experiences as yourself. 
Read the many and diverse articles. Almost every time you log on to Women Scorned you will see new pages, experts, articles and sections. It will always be fresh and informative and it's going to get bigger and bigger.
LET IT OUT: Go on! Shout from the rooftops! Ask your questions to the doyenne of all agony aunts Denise Robertson through to the high-profile divorce lawyer Marilyn Stowe through to resident gardening experts The Benton Brothers to name but a few.
LAUGH: The best therapy ever. This site is peppered with things to make you smile. Just have a look at our 'News, views & blogs' section and read Jaci Stephen’s hilarious article on her personal “episode” with adultery aswell as London life through the eyes of a 20-something man namely the whimsical writer R J Wardle. You can even laugh in the face of depression along with Stacey Berry.
LEAVE THE PAST BEHIND: You’ve come through it all. Been there, got the badge! Now it’s time for YOU!
Take a look at The Next Chapter of your website - and your life. From make-up (Jess Carmell’s Amorio Make-Up tutorials) to retraining (with Janine at TSW); from new careers (with The House Doctor Team – Ann Maurice) to restyling (with Nicky Hambleton-Jones and her NHJ Style Academy); from beauty advice (Harley Street Skin’s Lesley Reynolds) to parenting advice (Sue Atkins); from your monthly astrological forecasts (Russell Grant) to sex therapy (Monika Dedus) OR curl up and relax with the Bookworms pages which bring you all the latest book reviews. 
Teasingly, we’ve introduced you to just some of our fabulous contributors and site sections so now it’s down to you to take your time discovering and enjoying even more within the 1,000 ever-increasing pages of YOUR website. 
…And remember – we’re always here for you.
To make it easy for you Women Scorned have divided the site into 4 sections... take a minute to click on each link below. Come and meet the team of people who are here to give you advice and support...
Meet the team behind Women Scorned

 Jan Griffiths
 Jo Welch

Meet the Experts

 Alun Jones
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 Dr. Bridget Kirsop
 Dr. Jo Johnston
 Gayle Vaatstra
 Hayley Marie Davies
 Jacqui Malpass
 Janine Parry
 Jeannie Hainsworth Lamb
 Jess Carmell
 Juliet Cassidy
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