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"I'll answer almost any question. My specialities are: investigation, child maintenance problems, relationships and infidelity."


Rebecca Jane started 'The Lady Detective Agency' in 2009 after her former husband was unfaithful and she'd struggled to hire sympathetic and understanding private investigators. Now with a team of  ladies they go all over the world catching cheating partners, long lost loves, missing people, fraudsters and child maintenance dodgers. 
In 2012 the Agency became the very first international female investigation company by branching into Sweden. 
Rebecca is also the author of 'The Real Lady Detective Agency' which is her debut novel telling the tales from the Agency and was published by Harper Collins in January 2013 entering the Best Sellers’ Chart in the first week. 
Outside of work Rebecca is now happily remarried to her childhood sweetheart, Ben. They have two daughters and live in Manchester. Loves shoes, cooking and cricket.
Rebecca Jane says: 
I'm constantly mistaken for a counsellor. I'm not. What I am is a person who deals day in day out with liars, dramas, confrontations and heartbreak. I've heard the most horrifically sad tales to some of the most paranoid. I created our Agency to get the truth for people and be truthful to them. If I think we can't help someone I'll send them on their way. We've never taken money from a person we can't help. People come to us in the most vulnerable states and we have a duty of care to help them not con them out of money unlike some in our industry are known to do. 
I'll answer almost any question. My specialities are: investigation, child maintenance problems, relationships and infidelity. If you want to run past me your thoughts as to whether your other half is being unfaithful I'll give you my honest opinion. I'll also tell you any steps you can take to prevent infidelity aswell as how to catch a cheat - including the tell-tale signs. 
The child maintenance system is a total nightmare. I'm sick of hearing stories where non-resident parents don't pay their child support. I entirely vote to shut the Child Support Agency down and start again! In the meantime let me know your issues and I'll tell you what you can do to get round the system (if possible), why it's failing your case and how to provide evidence.
I'm a total champion of love. I hear stories of heartbreak every day and I used to say that love was for fairy tales and marriage was for idiots... but I know true love and happiness is entirely possible. Anyone who's going through a rough time I plead with them to trust me! Nothing lasts forever. Sometimes you just have to get through the rough times to get to the other side. 
I've never been able to mince words. If you want sugar-coated tales I'm not the lady for you. If you want straight advice this is entirely my department!
Finally, for all those who are contemplating an affair or for those who've been scorned and would like some positivity... remember this phrase: 'The grass isn't always greener on the other side, because there's cow s**t in every field!'





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