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 Gardening Q & A's
 Gardening Q & A's
 Gardening Q & A's
 Gardening Q & A's
Your Gardening Questions & Answers 
Q. My roses had ‘black spot’ through the summer. When I cut it back will it need any treatment or will it be OK next summer? 

A. It’ll be OK. The plant was probably telling you it’s stressed. It may be too hot or not have enough water. Remember to water at the roots.
You can treat black spot with a spray but try and catch it early and look for any signs of stress, pests and disease.
Also, try adding a rose feed in the spring and summer.

Q.  The leaves of some of my plants in my garden have wilted and started to turn yellow. Why is this? 

A. Don’t panic! It’s autumn and this will happen. It’s just a natural cycle in our natural beautiful world we live and breathe in.
Q. I have had a Christmas cactus for several years but it has never flowered. Do I need to feed it something specific to start the flowering process? 

A.  This Christmas cactus has been too well looked after. These plants react to shock and that’s how these survive. It needs toughening up.
Sometimes in the gardening world you have to administer tough love and be cruel to be kind. It needs to be cut back to produce new growth. Feed it with a plant food and as soon as buds appear stop with the feed.
Next year put it outside in a cool shady spot and let it get some fresh air. 
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