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"Hey Girls shall we do a little cheating? I’m referring of course to false nails!! "
Nails and hand creams
Nothing screams “old” louder than a pair of wrinkly hands! And yet wrinkles in this area are so easily averted. Use a good hand cream every time you’ve washed your hands and also at bedtime to moisturise and soften the skin. And why not kill two birds with one stone and buy a hand AND nail cream to strengthen and condition your nails at the same time. 
There are several good nails and hand creams on the market at the moment. An excellent one is Boots Vitamin E Hand & Nails Cream 75ml which has a gorgeous light fragrance and is easily absorbed and non-greasy. The price is amazing, it lasts for ages and leaves your hands beautifully soft whilst conditioning your nails. 
Stop biting your nails!
You’re all set for that special date. The hair is perfectly coiffed, make up is stunning and expertly applied, you look like an A-Lister in your new dress and shoes and then, oh dear, you happen to glance at your hands. Your nails are bitten to the quick and look scagged, sore and ugly. What’s wrong with this picture?
We use our hands to talk so unsightly bitten nails will soon be noticed whether you’re on that special date, attending that all-important job interview or having lunch with your beautifully-taloned friends. 
If you lack the will power to stop snacking on your nails let me get you some help in the form of They ship to the UK via their website.
It has an 80-90% success rate. All its ingredients are natural and it has a strong and bitter taste but is invisible and odourless. If this doesn’t force you to break the habit I don’t know what will.

Apply it three times a day and it claims to not only break your habit but strengthen and heal the nails as they grow.

Soon you’ll be choosing vibrant nail varnish colours to complement your new natural nails and be able to wave your hands around as you talk with confidence and pride.
Tips for painting your nails
We’ve all done this a few thousand times in our lives but are we doing it the most effective and practical way? I’ll show you simple but practical steps and I wonder how many of us weren’t painting our nails textbook perfectly?

1. Remove all traces of grease with soap and water.
2. Place the hand you’re painting on a stable, flat surface.
3. Don’t overload the brush and make sure there’s no varnish on the stem.
4. Apply the varnish using three strokes: side, middle, side.
5. Start with your little finger and work towards the thumb.
6. Be careful of using dark colours so that any mistakes you make aren’t highlighted.
7. Light colours are more practical and look less shabby when the varnish chips. Whenever I have a busy week I use Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Varnish Silver Bullet shade. It does what it says on the bottle and dries incredibly fast. It’s a subtle pearl colour and so matches any colour outfit and any little chips are unnoticeable. So your nails look great and you haven’t had to fuss over them too much.
8. Always remove the nail varnish with acetone-free remover which is kinder to nails.

Nail rescue in a bottle
So now you’ve broken the habit of biting your nails and are oh so proud of how gorgeous they look what’s the next step? Firstly, give yourselves a well-deserved pat on the back (N.B. careful not to break the skin with newly acquired talons) Secondly, we need to nurture your nails’ growth and ensure they are as strong as possible to keep them looking good.
Fanfare and drum roll please Girls for Rimmel Nail Care Nail Rescue. This little miracle in a bottle will make your nails stronger and harder within two weeks. 
When applied it gives your nails a great shine and can also be used as a base coat under nail varnish. There’s no stopping you now.
DIY false nails
Hey Girls shall we do a little cheating? I’m referring of course to false nails!! And specifically referring to Impress Press-On Manicure by Broadway. They have a vibrant and beautiful colour chart of nails available.
Perfect party nails as some are a bit kooky! But there’s a colour there for everybody and every occasion. The whole procedure is fast and simple: just peel off, press on et voila!
Each nail has a tab to accurately align it with your cuticle so the finished product looks great. To remove the nails just gently peel the sides or apply nail polish remover to the edges and peel off after 1 minute. Simple as!




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