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"Although if ever we see bleeding lip lines after applying our lipstick we certainly feel like doing so!"
"Dampen some cinnamon and rub it on your lips before you apply your lipstick or mix a tiny drop of cinnamon oil (food grade only) with your favorite lip gloss or lipstick for a plumper pout. Cinnamon works by increasing the blood flow to the area"
Make up brushes
Believe it or not Girls you should have a brush for every reason when it comes to your make up. Using brushes instead of our fingers prevents the spread of bacteria which causes blemishes. And highlighting and contouring, etc are much easier to achieve with a brush.
Let's face it makeup brushes are an investment.  And we like to look after our investments. So we need to care for our brushes and most importantly of all keep them clean. Regularly. Clean them when you first buy them and on a regular basis to remove dirt, make up, oils, bacteria, and dead skin cells.
If you allow make up to build up it makes your brushes feel scratchy so cleaning them regularly will soften them too. Scratchy brushes are not good for sensitive skin or skin prone to breakouts.
Foundation brushes, bronzer/finishing powder brushes and blusher brushes should be cleaned once a week; eyeshadow brushes every 3 days and eyeliner brushes every day. To cut down on cleaning time it’s a good idea to rotate brushes so you always have a fresh and clean one to use.
The best way to clean them is to place them under running tepid water always keeping the hairs pointing downwards to prevent water getting into the metal handle. Use a liquid hand soap or mild shampoo on your fingers and gently squeeze the hairs from the metal to the hair tips repeatedly, adding a little water at a time. Then rinse until the water runs clear.

Brush them off a little on a clean paper towel and lay them to dry on their side on a paper or normal towel. At this point reshape the brush to prevent splaying and always lay the brushes on their side. Never leave them to dry in a brush holder as the water can run down into the metal handle and eventually loosen the glue holding the brush together. Never use the brushes until they’re totally dry. Keeping your brushes in good condition by washing frequently will extend the life of your investment.

Choosing the correct make up brushes can greatly affect the quality of our finished make up look. In stores such as Debenhams, John Lewis, James Howells or Boots you can always speak with a make up consultant who can show you how to use a make up brush to your best advantage and advise you on which ones to buy. Sigma offers a brush kit aswell as individual brushes and has an excellent reputation in the make up world. As does Ecotools whose brushes and handles are made from recycled products. The Hollywood actress Alicia Silverstone is involved with creating their make up bags, pencils cases, etc.

So Girlies invest some of your hard earned cash in yourself in the form of a set of make up brushes and see how much better your make up looks. Go on, you’re soooo worth it.

Bye bye blemishes
Use Tea Tree Oil to fight blemishes naturally. It’s well known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities that can help reduce the size of your blemish whilst unclogging your pores.
Put a small amount of the oil onto a cotton wool pad or a cotton wool bud and apply directly onto the blemish. Tea tree oil has a very strong odour so be careful not to apply near your eyes.
Night time moisturisers
Whilst we sleep our skin is busy repairing itself so it’s important to help it along by using a good overnight moisturiser. Night-time and daytime moisturisers are as important as each other.
The ingredients to look out for in any moisturiser include peptides, lipids, antioxidants and retinol which work especially well on the skin overnight. If you have wrinkles, fine lines or loss of skin texture, unless your skin is very dry or sensitive, you want to use at least one retinol product a day.
However, you don't want to use a moisturiser with retinol on top of another product with retinol so bear that in mind when choosing a night-time moisturiser.
"Wake up in the morning and have skin as smooth as a baby’s botty when you’ve used Lacura Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Night Cream as your night-time moisturiser. It’s a media darling due to its great results and also featured on Gok Wan’s programme How To Look Good Naked. This cream is an unbelievable bargain so pop along to your local Aldi and grab yourself a jar."
Bleeding lip lines
Bleeding lip lines: No I didn’t just swear!  Although if ever we see bleeding lip lines after applying our lipstick we certainly feel like doing so! But fear not fair maidens forsooth I have found our knight in shining armour: please point the spotlight on The Body Shop’s Lip Line Fixer.
Gently push up a couple of millimetres of the cream coloured retractable pencil and apply this along the line of your upper and lower lips as if it was your normal lip liner. It is totally invisible. Then apply your normal lip liner followed by your lipstick. It prevents the very ageing lip “bleed” from occurring and you now you’re ready to pout with confidence. 

Last time I looked the lips were also part of the face so that's what I'm going to concentrate on today. Let's start a campaign to transform the female members of this nation into Angelina Jolie lipalikes!

OK a tad ambitious but it never hurts to try. I want your lips so soft and luscious that when you decide to kiss your new date he likens kissing you to running through a field of marshmallows!! The ingredients for these tips can be found in your kitchen cupboard and are easy to apply.

Chapped Lips: This can occur at any time of the year because of cold winds, sun exposure, air conditioning, etc. Firstly, stop chewing them! Secondly, you can use sweet ingredients in your kitchen to banish those dry lips.

Simply massage that flaky skin away with a dab of honey and sugar. The honey will moisturise your lips while the sugar will exfoliate them.

Lip Plumping Tips: Now we’ve softened our lips it’s time to plump them up in our bid to get that AJ look. This next tip can naturally help to plump out your lips and make them irresistible to your very own Brad Pitt!

You're going to love what cinnamon can do for your lips!

Dampen some cinnamon and rub it on your lips before you apply your lipstick or mix a tiny drop of cinnamon oil (food grade only) with your favorite lip gloss or lipstick for a plumper pout. Cinnamon works by increasing the blood flow to the area.

Now step away from the kitchen cupboard and go treat yourself to the ultra glossy Lancome’s Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss. It smells, feels and tastes gorgeous, makes your lips literally glow and keeps them moisturised too. No one could ever resist those shiny glamorous lips when you wear this.




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