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"I was shopping in Asda’s and purely by accident I came across George Under Eye Concealer claiming to diffuse light and conceal imperfections. And does it? You bet your sweet pippy it does!"
Eyebrow waxing
One of the most popular and cheapest ways around at the moment to shape your eyebrows is by waxing. Even though it only takes a couple of minutes to complete it’s always best to leave this procedure to the experts rather than do it at home just to be on the safe side! 
The only negatives I can see is that after the treatment you’ll be left with redness around the eyebrows that can last up to a few hours. So don’t plan on going out on a special date straight after! Also, the hair that’s being removed has to be a certain length for the wax to stick to it and remove it so you have to let the returning hair grow before having it waxed again. 
"But Girls the results are fabulous. Waxed eyebrows give your face a well-groomed look and it’s surprising how a well-shaped brow can “neaten” your face and lift your eyelids. Cheaper than surgery lol."
Hypollergenic mascara
A pretty effective mascara can be picked up nowadays for around £6 plus but for those of us who have sensitive eyes it’s an unfortunate fact of life that we will have to pay more for our hypoallergenic mascara. That being the case I want to ensure you’re getting the best value for money so I personally highly recommend using Lancome’s Hypnose Mascara for even the most sensitive of eyes.
It’s certainly not cheap in the mascara world but when used along with Lancome Cils Booster Mascara Base it gives excellent results and the products do last quite a few months.
Apply a coat of the Cils Booster first to prime and protect your lashes. It makes it easier to then apply the Hypnose Mascara and adds extra length.

This mascara doesn’t cake or clump and will “open” up your eyes and give your lashes length and thickness.

False eyelashes
For a wide-eyed look ready for the party season let’s look at a set of falsies. It’s obviously cheaper to apply your own than go to a salon plus sometimes we just want the falsies for one night and not long term so let me show you the best way to apply your long lashes at home.

Apply the glue to the base of the lashes with a match or toothpick and wait 20-30 seconds. The glue becomes tacky and bonds with the lashes quicker which stops them sliding round when attaching them to your lid. Push the lashes onto your eyelid right at the lash line to ensure no skin shows in between. I always reapply my mascara at this stage.

To remove them you can gently peel the falsies away from your natural lashes or use an oil-based eye make up remover. Personally, whenever in the past I have used an eye make up remover they have left me barely able to see and with sore eyes so I am only able to use Lancome Bi-Facil Non-Oily Instant Cleanser which is for sensitive eyes. See how you get on with it.
But what look are you aiming for? Natural? Feline? Full-on glamorous? Pantomime Dame? There are lashes out there to suit every mood. Let’s take a peek. 
Natural: if you’re after a natural look so people look at your lashes and ask ”is she or isn’t she?” you need to add Eylure Natural Texture Lashes to your make up bag. Their lashes will add texture to your own giving a natural and feathery look. Great to wear day or night.
Feline: To achieve this look add your false lashes only to the outer corner of your lids and trim them first. For this look it’s easier to buy a pack of individual lashes. Perfect 10 Individual Lashes is a pack of short, medium and long individual lashes perfect for the job. Apply these lashes with a pair of tweezers for extra accuracy and they should last up to 4 weeks.
Full-on glamorousLet’s vamp it up Girlies with Swarovski Stone Clear Diamond or Mixed Colour Diamond Individual Eyelash Tray. Every tray contains 6 rows of 10 Y-shaped lashes with a real Swarovski diamond attached to each lash. It’s just beyond glam! Can’t see us wearing these to the office or on the school run but great fun for the Crimbo part-ays.
Pantomime Dame:Some Girlies just like them long. In fact, the longer the   better. So with that in mind step forward Rimini Collection. Their lashes are hand made, made with human hair and VERY long. Designed for all eye shapes and re-usable.  
Most eyelash packs will come with their own glue which I suggest you do a 24 hour patch test on as some of us can have quite violent reactions to the adhesive. If you have sensitive eyes or skin then buy a hypoallergenic eyelash adhesive and avoid the drama.
Amazing eye creams
Girls, would you agree that one of the worst ageing signs facially have to be eyebags and dark circles? Thought so. After Christmas parties and New Year some of us might be experiencing just that. So here are two recommended eye creams for you to remedy that affliction. 
Dr.Brandt Lineless Eye Cream: Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow are huge fans of this product and Madonna never leaves home without it. So what are its magic ingredients that have our Madge all of a tizz? Vitamin C and E to help the skin look younger and the beloved anti-oxidant green tea to soothe and firm the eye area and also minimise lines and puffiness. 

Apply gently on the bone area of the eyes morning and evening. This is a luxurious cream and gives value for your money.

Now see how many men hum the chorus from Madonna’s Who’s That Girl as you glide by showing off your delectably fresh peepers.

Next, I want to introduce you all to Nivea Visage Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Plus Eye Cream. It’s fragrance-free so is ideal for those of us with sensitive skin or who wear contact lenses and it protects the delicate eye area from UVA and UVB  rays. The coenzyme Q10 it contains will tackle lines, prevent new ones forming and minimise dark circles under the eyes.  Triple whammy!
Dark circles
It is so lovely to come across a product that makes me say "wow" and last week it happened, and what makes it even lovelier is that it only costs £3!
I was shopping in Asda’s and purely by accident I came across George Under Eye Concealer claiming to diffuse light and conceal imperfections. And does it? You bet your sweet pippy it does!
It looks like a pen with a thin brush one end and a button the other end to pump the product through. The product is creamy and glides easily without pulling at the sensitive under-eye skin. I bought the medium shade and it is perfect toning for my skin.
"What I’ve always disliked about every under eye concealer I’ve ever bought in the past is that it tends to “cake” and collect in every fine line and accentuate them. Not good. Whereas this product purely concealed any redness and darkness in such a natural way. How fab is that?!"




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