Faber & Faber is proud to publish one of the most talked about books of
2013. With more copies sold than Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl in hardback, TV
rights purchased by Kudos Productions, and translation deals in thirteen
languages, Apple Tree Yard is a novel unlike any you’ve ever read.

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"Doughty has a particular gift for unsettling stories, for making us ask
difficult questions of ourselves, our own relationships and choices, and this is her strongest book yet … entirely compelling." - Observer
Meet The Celebrities

 Ann Maurice
 The Benton Brothers
 Denise Robertson
 Helen Croydon
 Jaci Stephen
 Lesley Reynolds
 Marilyn Stowe
 Nicky Hambleton-Jones
 Rebecca Jane
 Russell Grant
 Sandra McClumpha
 Sue Atkins

Something a little different!
 Louise Doughty
 Sophie Kinsella
 Natasha Caruana
 Wendy Plump
 Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

 Liz Copeland
 John Maclean

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