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When you have a problem that is troubling you and you don’t know what to do for the best THINK OF A NUMBER.
When you are beset with difficulties and you don’t know where to turn THINK OF A NUMBER.
When someone or something is getting you down THINK OF A NUMBER.
The Think Of A Number book may provide the means to help you, to point you in the right direction or bring you upliftment and encouragement.
How to use the Think Of A Number book: This is not a book for reading, this is a book for consulting. If you need to know, for example, what colour sofa to buy then don’t open the pages of this book. Let your motive for asking it a question be the right motive. Use it properly and you will always get your answer. Sometimes, you’ll find the answers are symbolic and you need to work a little to understand them. But you’ll always get the answer to your question. 
If you need help to get back on track in life just sit quietly, concentrate on your question and then immediately think of one number between 1 and 300 and, using the words attached to that number in the book, your pocket-sized Psychic can be your own adviser! Then simply leave the book closed until your next question needs answering. 
Always keep a private record of each question you ask with the number you thought of by the side of it to refer to in time to come as, on occasion, the answer you receive may refer to your future. 

There are no age restrictions for purchasing.
Returns Policy: All monies are non-refundable in their entirety.

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