What does it all mean?
One of the most frequently asked questions when in the study of poetry is ‘what does it all mean?’

One of the most frequently asked questions about the Universe is ‘what is out there and are we really alone?’

It is with a constant sense of bewildered wonderment and some, I may say, sense of trepidation and fear, I find myself writing this article. On a subject matter so diverse in its content it feels an injustice to be writing what could be an entire life’s work into just one short piece. So, I shall make this instalment No. 1. An overview.

When  I look into the skies above our earth, at the stars shining in the vast expanse of blackness known commonly as ‘the sky’ I think of each star being the burning remnants of matter that make-up the entire universe. 73 % Hydrogen, 25% helium and 2 % other elements. ‘The sky’ as we know it is merely the inner casing of our orbit, but what lies behind this is to coin a phrase, infinite.  So what does infinite mean? Is it a palpable, tangible context? How would one define infinite? Is it what our minds can perceive? Einstein used less than 10% of his brain and is widely accepted as being a genius who in his lifetime offered the human race a multitude of scientific and theoretical knowledge far reaching into today’s society. Neil Armstrong and others who first landed on the moon on July 20th 1969 opened-up the universe, just a little, so as to reassure those that will cite reams of scholarly research both for and against life on other planets, and yes, a ream of conspiratorial ideology about alien spaceships flying around our orbit and even visiting and being in communications with funnily enough, the US Airforce. This is to my mind largely centred around a growing sense of isolation and loneliness in our society, coupled with previous centuries revelatory expose`s like the earth not being round for instance, leading to a desire, acknowledged or otherwise, to find ourselves a part of something bigger .  

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"It is with a constant sense of bewildered wonderment and some, I may say, sense of trepidation and fear, I find myself writing this article."

Time is another area of interest. If we are to entertain for a moment a notion that actually, perhaps we are not alone, we are not just a mere blip, a fairly small, well-formed and life giving entity orbiting the sun - itself a burning star-affording us our seasons, changes in our weather - together with the moon which affects our tidal patterns and much more –daylight hours, and by progression our vegetation and fertility, thus affecting and affording life. We are in-fact part of something ‘infinite’. Then perhaps we could entertain the notion, as I do, that parallel universes exist and that time is but a human creation to allow order to our disorderly world.

But what is time?
Astronomers refer to time in the Julien Year. A unit of time which is defined as 365.25 days of 86, 400 Si seconds (there are no leap seconds). We as humans are simply matter moving at a speed in harmony so as to give the illusion of solidification. We display solidarity as a species about this and one may write, are continuously displaying a large sense of solipsism with regards to our inhabitancy of the universe and our predisposed evolutionary greatness. So, by progression, our perceptions of solid inhabitancy of space and time are skewed by our own self-created meanings.  One may write ones self-created illusion. Or is this delusion? We are what we think we are and our limitations are those that exist within our mind; as some eminent scholars will reel out at a rate of knots in their latest self-help book. Is it not then possible that a, or multiple, parallel universes exists? And when we have a de je vous moment we are in reality- what is reality if not our own perceptions of the word - tapping into this parallel world. You can, I hear you argue, understandably think these to be mere postulations and conspiratorial, opinionated waffle. Or, you can, as I hear other readers murmuring, accept the un-acceptable. Fly against the quid-pro-quo. Time is but a human creation created to give order to a disorderly world. Look at the early Neolithic age when they measured time in seasons. There was no such thing as elevenses, high-tea and supper time. There were merely light hours and dark hours. Much the same as there was, and still is in certain remote parts of our globe, like some undiscovered and un-tainted by modern-society tribes of aborigines still left roaming the deserts and rainforests of our earth,  the wet season and the dry season.  The clock time we know, that is to write the twenty four hour cycle traditionally marked in the UK by Greenwich mean-time, originated in Britain in 1855 when 98 % of clocks were set to Greenwich mean-time although this was not made law until 1880. Between this point in time – 1876 – Engineer and inventor Sandford Flemming called for a global 24-hour clock to set as a baseline for the rest of the world.

So, as sea-farers have done for many, many hundreds of years which is to use a compass to navigate the vast expanse of oceans here on planet earth,  astronomers have  used tele-scopes and other such tools to navigate the vast expanse of sky so as to navigate their way out through the universe. Although plainly for two different purposes they do in my view unite to the same goal. To give order to our disorderly world.

You may well be left feeling a little perplexed by this all but brief overview? You may well by quickly closing down this screen and running to the window to cast your gaze to a dark night sky? Or you could, as am I, be allowing your mind to roam-free and entertain the notion that we do belong to something bigger than ourselves and we are not alone.



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