The Galaxy, Nebular, The Milky Way and time travel through spheres of gases are most widely recognised by us mere Joe Publics in the long running BBC drama series, Doctor Who. Remember the opening titles? A telephone box hurtling at a rate of knots lopsided through a tunnel of multi-coloured gases? Well, this is precisely what our Universe looks, behaves like and consists of. 

The Nebular theory, first hypothesised during the 18th Century by Emanuel Swedenbourg, Imanuel Kant and Pierre-Simon Laplace is considered amongst many eminent Cosmogonists to explain how the Solar System was formed and still evolves. Both Kant and Laplace agreed that our solar system was created by gaseous clouds –nebulae – collapsing and flattening or, in Laplae’s view, contracting, cooling and shedding material which later collapses to form planets.

  By the 1970’s this theory had evolved much like our Universe evolves, in a roundabout sort of way, to become -although variable to that aforementioned -  the Solar Nebular Disk Model (SNDP) by Soviet Astronomer, Victor Safronov (no recognised relation to Saffron).  Safronov hypothesised our Universe was created 4.568 billion years ago when a minute part of a large molecular cloud collapsed (similar to Kant and Lapse) which then rejoined to form the Sun whilst the remaining collapsing dust flattened to become a protoplanetary disk (rotating disc of dense gases surrounding new stars), from which our asteroids, moons, planets and other small solar systems were born.

Now, without wishing to instigate a feeling within you of ‘crumbs, why did I not go out and buy a copy of a Science Journal?’, it is important to note this initial concept of what is out there and how we are related to each element of our Universe when you then take into account, if for no other reason than human nature’s innate curiosity, how parallel Universes could exist. I promise you I am not a conspiratorial theorist, just a fellow human being with an innate sense of curiosity like you.

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"I sincerely hope to be the case, I have shown, although briefly, enough secondary research so as to engage your mind to the possibilities of life other than on earth. In this one article suggesting parallel universes with parallel moments in time."

Parallel Universes, a term inflicting an innate sense of trepidation amongst many of us mere Joe Publics, is also a term widely studied by many eminent scholars. Surely we, whether we choose to admit it or not, are, at the very least, intrigued by this possibility. An online national newspaper published an article on 19th March 2014 centred on just this following a discovery of what has been called: ‘gravitational  waves’. These waves are said to have rippled in the first billionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second after the Big Bang and therefore, if space time goes on forever, must start repeating at some point.

Albert Einstein theorised that when an explosion such as this, the Big Bang, occurs it spreads ripples through space time known as ‘gravitational waves.’ Based upon these ripples – gravitational waves - it would surely lead to at least some logic that other parallel universes were born and continue to emerge making up a ‘multiverse’ that we inhabit. 

This multiverse theory centres on an inflation of the universe, Sandford Physicist Andrei Linde says’ that “in most models, if you have inflation, then you have a multiverse.” Together with the Big Bang theory this seems to add traction to the fact we could indeed live within multiple parallel universes. Colin Stuart, the author of  ‘The Big Questions of Science’ remarked on this “When it comes to inflation, universes beyond our own come wrapped up as part of the package – what we see as our universe is what remained after inflation ceased in this part of reality.”

  In 1998 another multiverse theory propelled science’s understanding of time and our universe with the discovery that galaxies in our universe are spreading apart at an accelerating rate.  This goes against the rule that mutual gravitational attraction slows them down.

The natural forces at work in our universe, like gravity, for example, seem strangely fine tuned for life” said Mr Stuart. Going further, Stuart suggested that, in his words, to ‘tinker’ with nature’s settings would create a universe with no stars, planets or even us, people. “How come all the settings are suited for living things?

When we look at these discoveries, postulations and quotes from eminent scientists in this specific field of science it leads this writer to ponder whether or not we are all multiple and whether or not moments of de je vous are in reality a subconscious alignment through our molecular make-up to our multiverse selves.

Perhaps I have gone a little too far with all the scientific detail? Perhaps I have even gone so far as to frustrate and too deeply challenge our perceptions so as to now be cast as some sort of conspiratorial theorist?! Or perhaps, as I sincerely hope to be the case, I have shown, although briefly, enough secondary research so as to engage your mind to the possibilities of life other than on earth. In this one article suggesting parallel universes with parallel moments in time. 

Infinite is a term widely used in science, the art of no definitive answer, I write jovially. Surely this is its beauty. The art of no definitive answers affords a sense of hopefulness and possibilities beyond our initial conceptions.  With this article I have, it is true to write, indulged my fanciful ideas for desiring to know we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. There has been some recent talk of Sir Richard Branson already securing Virgin trips to the Moon in the not too distant future. Whether or not any of us actually use this is as yet to be determined, obviously, but what is striking amongst all of these scientific ramblings, aforementioned, is that there is a world to be explored outside of our little globe and whilst we do not know all that is in our own oceans we surely also do not know what else is above our skies.  




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