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 Hair trends
September is a transitional time of year. The summer is pretty much done but the autumn hasn’t really got going. We often get some pretty good weather in September and so it’s a good opportunity to make the most of any last garden parties, BBQ's and gatherings in an attempt to stretch the summer out for a just a few more weeks.
The trends and styles on the runways throughout last year showed one big hair trend... long hair! Like.. super long, down to your waist hair. Blunt or layered, sleek or messy. These looks have been everywhere over the summer from festivals to the Oscars and no long hair style more so than the pony tail. This is great news for anyone who likes to follow hair trends as they are so easy to achieve! There are loads of great online tutorials available which can show you how to gets the looks.
If you have mid- length hair but want a few extra inches and a bit more thickness then hair extensions are a quick and easy way that is used constantly on the runways and photo shoots.
If you feel you need a change to take you from summer into autumn at the end of September fringes are an instant way to make a change. Cute peek-a-boo or layered sweeping side fringes can enhance your style and give a new edge to your look.
As an alternative to the long styles and ponytails,  if you don’t  have or want  hair to your  knees, why not try a cute tomboy hairstyle or a layered shoulder length bob. These have also been seen on a number of catwalks taking inspiration from the androgynous fashion looks which are also very cool at the moment. 
I hope this has given you some ideas of whats hot in hair fashion right now and maybe given you some cool ideas for the month of September!




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