Divorce - the procedure (where a divorce is not defended)
A divorce commences by lodging at Court a Divorce Petition and Statement of Arrangements for children (if applicable) and a Court fee (unless you are financially eligible for an exemption).  
The Court sends your papers with an Acknowledgement of Service form to your spouse which they must complete and return to the Court. A copy is then sent to you. If your spouse doesn’t return the form then steps must be taken to formally serve them so there is proof they have had the papers.

The next stage is to apply for Decree Nisi. This is the stage where the judge looks at the divorce paperwork and decides whether there should be a divorce.  If the judge is satisfied there should be a divorce he will set a date for the Decree Nisi to be pronounced in Court – there is no need to attend Court.

Six weeks after the Decree Nisi is pronounced you can apply for Decree Absolute which finally dissolves the marriage.

The divorce can be completed in as little as four months if the divorce is not defended.

"Defended divorces are rare. If your spouse defends the divorce there will be a court hearing for the judge to decide if there should be a divorce."

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