As a Specialist Family Law solicitor, Collaborative Family lawyer and Family Mediator I offer separating couples the positive option of divorcing with dignity.  

I help to keep separated families intact by ensuring their children do not get caught in the crossfire.
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 Suzi says

"I am delighted to be associated with Women Scorned. When relationships come to an end there is inevitably pain but it’s a choice as to whether there is prolonged suffering in one’s life."
I am also a committed husband, son and father of three wonderful kids.
I was born in the midst of the "summer of love" of 1967. I grew up in Porth, Rhondda, south Wales, the son of a greengrocer and a nurse. I left Wales in 1986 to study for a Law Degree at Essex University. After obtaining my Degree and completing my professional qualifications at the College of Law, York, I moved to London in 1991 to train as a solicitor.  
I became fully qualified in 1994 and initially cut my teeth as a Criminal Defence Advocate. In 1996 I turned my attention to Family Law and soon found that I was driven by a passion to help people following the end of their relationships. I have since specialised exclusively in Family Law.
I have always worked hard to achieve the best possible results in my professional life. I am also committed to ongoing personal development. I try to live life to the full. My "London Years" being characterised by an ethos of "work hard and party hard". Since the birth of my daughter in 2002 partying so hard has given way to more spiritual pursuits.
In 2002, whilst travelling in Thailand, I discovered the benefits of Meditation. These days I am an established Vipassana (Insight) Meditation practitioner having recently undergone intensive silent retreat/training in this valuable technique which develops acute awareness and equanimity leading to improved wisdom.
Following the sudden death of my sister in 2004 we came home from London back to south Wales to be near close family. I am now happily settled in Cardiff.
In 2005 Alun Jones Family Law was established since developing into a successful niche family law practice. We offer highly specialised representation, advice and support on all issues concerning the separated family including children and complex financial issues. Alun Jones Family Law prides itself on being able to offer a range of positive dispute resolution options for separating couples including Family Mediation and Collaborative Law.
Though my relationship with my daughter's mum came to an end in 2005 we are very fortunate in that we continue to share my daughter's care and we remain very good friends. We have both since remarried and were guests at each other's weddings!
As co-parents, the Family Mediation process certainly helped us to develop and maintain good relations and this experience impacted greatly on how I now approach all my professional work.
In 2009 I married my current wife, acquiring an 8 year old stepson and a baby boy born in 2001 which now completes my wonderful blended family.
My other interests include skiing, watching Cardiff City FC and growing vegetables on the allotment.
I am delighted to be associated with Women Scorned. When relationships come to an end there is inevitably pain but it’s a choice as to whether there is prolonged suffering in one’s life.
As I see it, “If it's over then it's over and a brighter future beckons! Don't be left in the dark."


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