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"Teaching is something that is a vital role within the life-long learning area. You may have a hobby you enjoy and want to share with others, you may think 'I want to share my passion with others', you may just think 'I could do this.' "

After many years in a workplace you have totted up so much skill, knowledge and experience in your sector what is next??
The life-long learning sector has grown vastly over the years. We can learn everything  from yoga to law to I.T. Community learning has also expanded greatly over the years and this is a great way to start a teaching career. 
Teaching is something that is a vital role within the life-long learning area. You may have a hobby you enjoy and want to share with others, you may think "I want to share my passion with others", you may just think "I could do this". 
Teaching is something that we don't always think of as a career in later life as we tend to remember teachers at school and associate this with what our experience has been. 
However, the work-based and life-long learning area has changed this. There is a vast need for teachers, assessors and tutors in many occupational routes. 
One learner, Cherri, came to TSW and enrolled on the PTLLS course, which is a Level 3 introduction to teaching. Cherri had been made redundant and had funding to start a new career. She decided that after years in finance and bringing up a family it was time to do something for her. 
Cherri was apprehensive, as was the rest of group, especially when they had to stand up and undertake a mini teaching session. She completed a fantastic session on identity theft and she really came alive in front of a class. 
She passed with flying colours and moved onto Level 4. Again the work she produced was excellent. She completed teaching hours with TSW and CST where she supported learners within the ESW Qualifications. Cherri passed CTLLS, again with flying colours, and after a progression meeting we decided that the PGCE was the next step.
Cherri has now secured a full-time training job with a provider and is fulfilling all that she wished to do.
A lot of people ask what qualifications do they need to teach? 
This really depends on the sector and the qualification. You can teach in community education with just experience and confidence. 
Occupational and life experience is vital when assessing and teaching. This gives the students confidence in you as a teacher or assessor. 
Having the confidence and knowing where to start is the first point.  You could volunteer in a local education centre or community centre. You may have an interest or hobby that you wish to share with others which is a great way to start. 
After years in the home bringing up a family you will have so many transferable skills that can be utilised, e.g., money management, food hygiene or housekeeping. There are so many organisations in various sectors that need people who will support and mentor young parents or who will work in community centres to provide help to others. 
Try doing a list of your skills, strengths and how you could help others. Be confident and remember what you can do and that others will be glad of your help. 




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