DIY - Women in Construction
When we are suddenly on our own not only is it daunting managing money and home on your own but we need to do the things we have never done before such as changing a plug, filling in cracks, putting curtains rails up, changing a washer in a tap, the list goes on.
There are always options available to you to help tackle these. 
There are short courses that you can do in order to learn the basic skills in these along with full qualifications that you can embark on. 
Construction is an industry that is predominately male. However, there are more women starting to make their career in this industry.
At our construction learning and training centre they run short sharp courses and short DIY courses in various disciplines such as plumbing, plastering, tiling and painting and decorating.  Let's face it we put makeup on every day so how hard can plastering be? 
Short courses such as these are ideal for us females who suddenly find themselves on their own after years of having a partner to do these jobs.  
We want to feel we can manage on our own and not rely on someone else.  
Also, you never know, if you enjoy doing DIY it could grow into your career.  
Emma was working for a company who wanted to upskill their workforce. Emma was a qualified plumber however the company gained proact funding so used this with CST to retrain and upskill their staff. This funding has led Emma to undertake OCN training in Bricklaying, Plastering and Rendering. 
Emma commented on how friendly the instructors were and particularly commented on how they take the time to talk through things properly and in depth if required.
Emma’s long-term aspirations were to complete a Level 3 NVQ in plumbing however she now wishes to complete a PGCE qualification in order to teach plumbing to others to offer them an opportunity in future.
Emma has also commented "I’m enjoying the course and think that the way I’ve been taught will help me in my future jobs. I feel that coming here has also made me realise how easy it is to develop skills when you get the right support."
As Emma was employed it goes to show us that the construction industry is not just for men. Women can do anything they set their minds to and Emma is well on her way to fulfilling her ambition to teach plumbing.
It may be daunting at the moment but take a friend and start a course together. Make it a friendly competition, who can paper the best wall! 
The hardest part is taking the first step into doing something new. But remember you are strong, independent and focussed women. You can do anything that you set your mind to including plastering a wall! How hard can it be?
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"Short courses such as these are ideal for us females who suddenly find themselves on their own after years of having a partner to do these jobs."



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