Getting back into the job market  
It's time for a change! It has been a long time since you've had a job. You've had a career break, you've had a family, it's now your time but you don't know where to start. Starting a new job is scary for us all so when you have been out of the labour market for some time it's even more daunting. 

But don't be scared. You're not alone and there is support, help and advice available. In this first article I am going to give some ideas for you to take some steps to get you back out there.

Firstly, think what you want to do? You may think you want to retrain, you want a completely new career, but like many things you need to take baby steps.

 1. Update or create a C.V. Don't be afraid if you have gaps where you have taken time to bring up a family as this is an excellent way to list skills gained.

There are some excellent templates out there but don't forget it's a selling document. Sell yourself in this. An excellent personal profile can tell a potential employer what they want to know and why they should give you a position.

2. Rather than going all out for a new career immediately try getting a part-time job or volunteer for just a few hours to get you back into the swing.  This is an excellent way to update your C.V., gain confidence, meet new people and give you an idea of what you may want to do. Volunteering is underrated and can lead to so many avenues. Look on the local volunteering site and see what charities are looking for help.

3. Make a list of all the skills you have gained during your career break. Such as organisational: running a home and family takes skill and precision.

Empathy and understanding: listening to other parents and giving advice is a norm for many parents.

Budgeting: running a home on a set amount of money is a challenge.

4. Do your research. Look on various job websites to see what is actually out there. See what type of role would suit you. 

5. Sign up for recruitment sites. They are handy to send you information and search for jobs on your behalf.
6. Seek advice. Career's websites, colleges and training providers are all there to offer advice and help . There are specialist courses to help with getting you back out there and gaining a qualification at the same time. 
7. Ask friends and family about any positions they are aware of. 80% of jobs are not advertised. This is a good way to question people about a company and whether it is something you want to do. 
There are so many things that you can do. It's having the motivation and confidence to try it. 
Don't be afraid. There are many in a similar boat as you. But remember you have a great amount to give to any employer.  Don't give up if various avenues don't materialise. It won't happen overnight. 
Believe in yourself and your skills and it can happen. 
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"But don't be scared. You're not alone and there is support, help and advice available. In this first article I am going to give some ideas for you to take some steps to get you back out there."



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