Being grateful to your ex
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Yes you did read that correctly: being grateful. OK you may not think that you could but one of the stages of getting over anything in life is looking at what you can learn from it and saying "thank you" as part of it.
Take some time to think about your day. For example, today is Sunday and for me every day is usually a work day. I mix my week up and work in blocks that suit me. Today I didn’t and so I am grateful that I allowed myself to do other things. And what fun I had. I painted, wrote, drank wine and watched the TV.

I am grateful that it was a beautiful day and I went for a long walk in the woods. I am grateful for some time to reflect on an issue I have. And do you know the strangest thing for me is that I actually said today that I am grateful to my ex because without him I wouldn’t have my husband, or have my beautiful dog, a house in Spain and be taking a month off to write.
This by the way didn’t happen overnight. It took some time and in a way I wish that I had thought more about the positives of saying "thank you" to situations and people who hurt and confuse me more often.
Gratitude is immensely powerful. Try this:
1. You can choose exes or any past painful situation.
2. Put your hand on your heart, close your eyes and bring your ex to mind.
3. Say "thank you". 
4. Then do it for the one before and go through all of the exes or situations.
Then do a little dance. Well done. If you found it hard that’s OK. The key is that you did it and if you look at the positives and can even raise a smile you will be the winner.
Fake it until you make more
Sometimes life gets in the way of what we want. Sometimes we are so focused on getting somewhere we forget who we really are and what we are passionate about.

Your 27 Day more
Dear Journal, about six years ago I treated myself to a week's-long holiday and course called Starting to Write and fired with enthusiasm...





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