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Wherever you find yourself right at this moment, stop, don’t question it, just wonder how did I get here? What were the twists and turns of fate that brought me to this point?
You may be wondering about the fairy tale that you thought your life might be and now you find yourself meandering, somewhat lost. It’s OK. It is just part of the journey. 
One of my greatest lessons was to put my life’s events in front of me, like a mini show, and treat them as ‘part of the journey’ and to say….
It is more about the journey than the destination.
I love travelling and am often disappointed when I arrive. On the way it's all new and colourful with strange sites to behold. When you get there the marvelling ceases.  At least for me.  Perhaps the point is to decide that the destination is just a way point, a marker for you to catch your breath before you regroup, fill up your tank and head off again?  
Or perhaps the destination never materialises and the journey is all that there is?  If that’s the case lets hope you like travelling.  Does it matter if the journey is long or short or goes by some other unexpected route?  If it does, why?  What were you expecting?  A ribbon across the finishing line and a medal for doing well?  A marker maybe that says ‘it’s here’, x marks the spot, one has arrived? 
I will know when I have arrived. There will be pearly gates and a bloke with a date stamp. He will stamp my hand so that I know that this is it: I am dead.
So whilst I am travelling in whatever direction and for whatever purpose I know I am alive. All that I must do now is to stop worrying that I am heading in the wrong direction.  Because if the destination is death or a rebirth or an afterlife of some kind then the journey is just life.
Here’s to the journey, the discoveries, the good, the bad, the beautiful and ugly. Here’s to life.
When you feel lost and directionless writing a slice of your life will put things into perspective. The book of you – a journey with your soul day helps you to do just that. It is intuitive, revealing and fun.
You may think I am mad to suggest that you write a book of your life right here, right now but consider this...if you are currently putting pen to paper and journaling these moments in time could be the foundation of something else. Where you find yourself now others will follow. You are not the first nor will you be the last. What is certain is that you will find your unique way through it and that may help others.
Keep writing because one day who knows where it will take you on this journey through your life?
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Yes you did read that correctly: being grateful. OK you may not think that you could but one of the stages of getting over anything in life is looking at what you can learn from it.
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