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"If you write from your head your left logical brain is engaged. In writing from your heart you will open up the space for you to love and to be loved. When we take responsibility for loving ourselves then our lives can change."
“Writing became such a process of discovery that I couldn't wait to get to work in the morning:  I wanted to know what I was going to say.” Sharon O'Brien
It is vital that we journal and write from the right place, in the right frame of mind, that we let go of our self-consciousness, become one with ourselves and write without judgment. 
If you write from your head, your left logical brain is engaged. In writing from your heart you will open up the space for you to love and to be loved. When we take responsibility for loving ourselves then our lives can change.
Hearts get broken and unbalanced by our relationships with ourselves and others. By writing from your heart you can let go and start walking towards the person you know that you are. 
Healing has to come from within you. Our writing can take us to the depths of despair or the soaring heights of ecstasy. Neither place is balanced. 
There is too much noise going on around us. Too many people want our time, money, a part of us, and we hand it over readily. We become a part of the overall sound rather than one unique note which is us. 
By looking inwards we will find our words, the bits of our writing which will make the melodies of our lives.
When I write from deep within myself I am shocked and amazed at what I write. It is as if someone else has penned the words yet they resonate bringing clarity and meaning to my life.
By bringing your pain to the forefront of your being, experiencing it, you will be able to find your own resources to carry you forward.
Just write with all of your heart and soul let the story flow and in letting go release your pain.

Don’t waste your pain - use it.
Take your focus to your heart. Put your pen to paper and just start writing. Write quickly. After five minutes stop. What emotions does this writing evoke in you? 
It is important that the emotions are spontaneous and not written with lots of thought. In this way you can lay bare and expose what your heart wants you to know and to deal with. What does your world look like from your heart?

Allow the real you to shine.
When you have connected your heart to your pen you will find that you are writing about what you care about and when you care it will flow.
What is your relationship with you?
What does your heart tell you it wants to write about?
Whose heart do you want to connect to?
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