How can I remind myself who I am?
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"Life makes memories and memories create stories (and books) and stories change lives. We remind ourselves of who we are by exploring ourselves through journaling and writing."
Life makes memories and memories create stories (and books) and stories change lives. We remind ourselves of who we are by exploring ourselves through journaling and writing. These exercises are designed to connect you with you and for you to ask the question, ‘who am I?’
Let’s start with a few questions designed to get you thinking about who you are and where your journaling may take you. Five to ten minutes on each of these will do. You decide. 
Date each of your answers because as you journey through your memory you will want to come back, reflect, and maybe answer the questions again. It’s fascinating to see how your responses change as you write and reflect. 
Who are you?
What is your story?
Why are you journaling/writing?
What is the most important thing you want to discover?
What are the life experiences that make you who you are?
If you were to view your life from an outsider's point of view what would you know about your life?
Like all exercises it is best not to think but to just write. 

How you see things affects how you behave. If you see yourself as negative or not having worth then that is what your brain accepts as the truth. Try this ‘framing’ exercise.
How many "I am" words or statements can you write? You are NOT allowed to use NOT….
I am kind, caring, intelligent, fun, etc.
When you have written them down head to Wordle ( Copy and paste your words into their online system and start playing until you find the colours and shape that you like. Take a snapshot of it. There are many ways to take a screen picture. I like Skitch ( And print it.
Then frame your drawing and put it up where you can see it every day. Looking at your framed artwork what does it tell you about who you think you are? It is such a simple yet powerful activity and one which you can repeat often and add to as your idea of who you are changes.
By framing your "I am" word,s and placing it somewhere you can see, your brain will also accept those as true.
Being grateful to your more
Yes, you did read that correctly: being grateful. OK you may not think that you could but one of the stages of getting over anything in life is looking at what you can learn from it.
Fake it until you make more
Sometimes life gets in the way of what we want. Sometimes we are so focused on getting somewhere we forget who we really are and what we are passionate about.

Your 27 Day more
Dear Journal, about six years ago I treated myself to a week's-long holiday and course called Starting to Write and fired with enthusiasm...





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