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"Your "now" will have been triggered by an event. This may be an event that happened a year, a month, a week, a day or even just an hour ago." 

Stuffed away in the time capsule of your mind are millions of memories. They are locked away in folders with little tags on that say ‘been there, done that, no longer interesting’. It is only when you pull out the folders and scatter the papers on the floor can you see connections. Scribbled on the sepia-tinted parchments of time are your stories. As you put these into categories and re-file them away in a different order a new map of your life will emerge.
Everyone's perception of time is different. Use this exercise to put your journaling and writing into a timeframe and into context so that when you reflect you are able to consider more clearly how events that surround your life are affecting you and how things fit together. It gives you a frame of reference, a point from which you can move forward from and clarity or how to plan what you want.
Your Now will have been triggered by an event. This may be an event that happened a year, a month, a week, a day or even just an hour ago. 
I find it best to get comfortable, relax and to let my mind wander as I ask each question. It may be that you need to run through the list of questions then go and do something else and come back to reflect.
Your now questions:
Ask yourself the question where am I now in my life?
When did my Now start?
What was the trigger?
What has been happening in my Now?
What are the main characteristics of my Now?
What images, sounds, feelings come to mind?
Who are you having relationships with? Write down the names and what they mean to you.
What projects are you working on? Write down what they are, and how they fit into your life.
What is making you happy or sad at this time?
What frustrations or tensions are you feeling?
How is your health? Focus on your body and make a note of what you notice.
What exercise or "me time" are you having?
What is your diet like? Are you eating sensibly or eating rubbish? Are there any cravings?
Write quickly, briefly and write unconsciously.
Leave this for at least one week. After the week I want you to come back and reflect on what you have written. Reading it back what messages do you get? What thoughts smack you in the face? What is your Now like right now? Where do you go from here?
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