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"Imagine now you are out enjoying the fresh air on your face, the birds are tweeting, the ground is firm underfoot, the day is just coming alive and so are you."
Do you have those days when just as everything seems to be going well, wham, you wake up and you are awash with "I can’ts?"
I know I hate those days… I want to pull the duvet over my head and tell the world to bugger off. I find myself heading aimlessly around and wondering what I am supposed to be doing or asking myself what is this all about?
It’s on days like these that I find a long walk with pooch and time to reflect really helps me get clarity. I try to ask myself things like, "if I were being interviewed for the job of my life what knowledge, skills and experience would I offer up?"
We know so much more than we give ourselves credit for and often to our own detriment. 
Imagine now you are out enjoying the fresh air on your face, the birds are tweeting, the ground is firm underfoot, the day is just coming alive and so are you.
Ask yourself, how did you manage to get where you are today? 
That’s right; you applied lots of your experience, skills, and knowledge. The reason we don’t acknowledge it is because it is often tied to a lack of self belief and a lack of confidence.
Your skills might include:
Communication – the way in which you speak with your friends and family or show how you feel.
Teamwork – the way in which you are ready to muck in and work in collaboration with others.
Leadership – the way in which you motivate and encourage others whilst taking the lead.
Initiative – the way in which you spot opportunities, set and achieve goals.
Solving problems – your logical or creative thinking which helps you to find solutions to problems.
Flexibility and adaptability – the way in which you have adapted to new situations – what about that time you were chucked in the deep end of a situation and you just got on with it?
Self awareness – knowing your strengths and skills and having the confidence to demonstrate them. 
Commitment and motivation – just getting on with what’s needed.
Finance: being able to balance the books – paying the bills, saving for nice things, sorting out your credit cards.
What else?

Make a list of things you are knowledgeable about.  
Evaluate your skills and talents and determine where you are on a scale of 1 to 10.
If you are not a 10 what has to happen to get you to a 10? 
Now that you have a list of your skills write a short bio about yourself.
How could you apply these skills to something that you have written about in your journal?
How could you apply these skills to something that is happening in a friend's life or to a global situation?
If you were to put an advert in the paper offering yourself as an expert what would your skills be? What would your ad say? 
How would you promote yourself? 
Wow! Isn’t that incredible? You are amazing, aren’t you?
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