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Starting again is always a fun place to be. Standing on the edge of something new can be scary and exciting. When I feel that it's time to start again I imagine a line in the sand. The past behind me as a place of reference. I pop all of the stuff that I'm not that keen on, that perhaps didn’t work, into a bag and set an imaginary fire going.
I turn to face my future and in front of me I see my golden egg filled with my dreams and goals.
Above the line I place all of my past successes and below the line all of my fears and other things that I’d like to leave behind. Then I imagine what the steps to my success will be.
Visioning is immensely powerful. If you can add in feelings, smells, sights and sounds those steps will really be cemented in your mind. Of course you have to take action but a little bit of daydreaming never goes amiss.
If you get stuck on daydreaming imagine that you are watching yourself on a huge movie screen.
Get comfortable and close your eyes.
Put the movie up on the screen remembering to put yourself in the leading role.  Take yourself back into the successful situation, see it through your own eyes and feel all those great feelings again. 
What do you notice about the contribution that you made to your success? 
What exactly did you do to make it a success?
How many other situations are like that where you have made something of a great success?
What did each of those situations have in common?
Thinking about those behaviours how could you use them again more successfully in the future?
Thinking about a situation that is coming up write a short piece focusing on the outcome that you would like to achieve and using all of the behaviours that you know work for successful situations. Run it through the movie exercise. How does that feel?
Being grateful to your more
Yes, you did read that correctly: being grateful. OK you may not think that you could but one of the stages of getting over anything in life is looking at what you can learn from it.
Fake it until you make more
Sometimes life gets in the way of what we want. Sometimes we are so focused on getting somewhere we forget who we really are and what we are passionate about.

Your 27 Day more
Dear Journal, about six years ago I treated myself to a week's-long holiday and course called Starting to Write and fired with enthusiasm...





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