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"Because massage activates your body’s parasympathetic nervous system it counteracts your body’s negative response to stress, relaxing muscle tension and allowing your heart rate, blood pressure, and circulation to return to normal, says Patty DiZenzo, certified massage therapist of Active Center for Health and Wellness, Hackensack, N.J. At the same time, massage can increase awareness of your body and where you hold tension."
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Spafinder Wellness 365 is your online home for everything spa, wellness and beauty. Search for a spa experience near you, buy gift vouchers to treat yourself or a friend, stay up-to-date with wellness trends and get access to exclusive deals!
There are countless benefits to booking a regular facial, massage and day at the spa – these are so much more than "just a treat’". A monthly massage or facial has been proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, boost your immune system, improve your skin and help you sleep better. When you’re feeling emotionally fragile or going through a difficult period in your life the attention and care you receive at the spa can do wonders to boost your mood and confidence. A brilliant massage or facial can be transformative: not only will you leave with glowing skin or a lengthened spine but you might even feel like a brand new person! A half or full day in the spa can help you rejuvenate and relax in a deeply healing way. Make a trip to the spa as part of your wellness ritual – your body and mind will thank you for it.
Massage isn’t just a luxurious treat to pamper yourself; there are many other healthful reasons to get a massage on a regular basis, including the big one – stress.
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