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Sometimes it's good to have a refreshing new outlook on life. In our section news, views and blogs we aim to give you a whole host of interesting, creative, witty and thought-provoking articles to read at your leisure and stimulate your mind.
From artist Natasha Caruana, who is a lecturer of photography and in 2010 was named as "the one to watch" in the Royal Photographic Society Journal, through to R J Wardle whose primary concern is to embrace and engage your minds offering escapism, whimsicality, insight and hopefully bring you an inner and outer calmness, to the powerful writing of Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.
Over time we will introduce to news, views and blogs more and more new and exciting authors and bloggers for your enjoyment.
News,views and blogs
Stacey more
Depression is like when you are a kid and your brother's favorite game is to sit on you and fart.
Natasha more
Born in 1983 Caruana is a practising artist, lecturer of photography and founding director of the London-based studioSTRIKE artists studios.
Helen more
Helen Croydon is a best-selling author, journalist and broadcaster specialising in modern relationships, woman’s issues and health.
Yasmin more
There is nothing unusual about husbands walking out on their wives of many years to set themselves up in another home with a younger replacement model. 
R J more
A born and bred, technology-frustrated Yorshireman, raised and schooled in a field near York. Treading the boards of theatre school, ‘Riding lights Youth Theatre’ during the nineties...

Jaci more
Jaci was born in Cardiff, Wales, UK, where she studied for a B.A. (Hons.) in English and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education

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