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"The discovery of infidelity is so devastating that it really cannot be fully understood except by those who have been through it. In Women Scorned, readers have access to the privacy, warmth and empathy that is so necessary for recovery. The women who run this site have been working for over a year now to develop the best format, contacts, links and general approach to help their Users deal with the trauma and the outrage. Their efforts have resulted in a welcome and comforting source for women who endure the burden of infidelity, in all its forms."

Extracts from 'Vow: A Memoir of Marriage (And Other Affairs)'

THE OTHER WOMAN "Given my own background as an Other Woman, I should not have been that surprised at the tone Susan took. It was all there: the air of being on a par with me, the presumption of my goodwill, the complete lack of remorse, the inability to comprehend the hell she had handed me and my boys. The Other Woman does not necessarily believe she is an interloper in the intimate space of a marriage. This is what makes them do what they do. Especially when they have been treated over the years to the solicitation of the lover, as Susan had. For a decade she had enjoyed money, gifts, airline tickets, sex, love, and promises for the future. The Other Woman considers herself on a level with the spouse because that is where the Other Woman has been put. They believe, most of them, that the neglect that has brought the three of you to this brink is largely your own fault."

TRAUMA OF INFIDELITY "For the first soul-shocked hours of knowing about Bill's mistress and baby, this is how I processed words and images: piecemeal and very slowly, as if I'd suffered a head trauma. Reality was so out of kilter that even the structure of a simple question had to be driven through a code breaker in my head as a way to make sense of it. Nothing could be taken at face value. The whole house seemed made of vapor. Nothing was reliable. Home was not safe. Family was not inviolate. Husband was not mine. Sky was not blue."

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